Her coffee cup

Her tongue reached out
licking every drop it could,
feeling the edges,
as if making love.

it wasn’t a shallow kiss but a deep throat,
one could see her feel the moment with eyes closed.

she is supposed to have been kissed,
everytime she was stressed,

by her coffee cup…….


No one falls in love.
They willingly drown,
allured by the ecstasy,
fascinated by the depth,
of emotion heard off in stories.

Now they want their heart to skip a beat,
to break a bit.

Now they want their lips to melt away,
in each others mouth.

Now their bodies want to feel
how it’s like to be stuck,
in the symphony of heavy breaths.

Broken soul

I don’t sneeze anymore,
cough is now settled in chest,
it keeps pushing the heart to retire and rest.

Search for outside warmth stops at the coffee cup,
and shoulders often catch cold.

Slow beats try to mock a relaxed vibe,
as empty weekly diary coaxes the clock to accept the bribe.

Thoughts prefer to retire in mind,
voice prefers to leave words behind,
burps and farts seldom make out with silence.

World has shown show many colors,
that eyes now find recluse in dark,
curtained windows have learnt to renounce thousand suns.

Line between memories and this moment blurs,
memories flash as moment flickers,
its a chaotic pendulum ride,
with good times on mind and empty home inside.