Paper Boat

Me and the paperboat,

like one of the many letters i wrote,

every season,

to the clouds.

As rain would come finding my whereabouts

it would be welcomed with folded paper,

perfected angles and pulled up sides,
shaping it for a long ride,

along the roadside streams,

after all showers had came selling dreams.

As the hands would release the boat,

emotions would swing amid,

pendulum of confidence that it would sail smooth,

and hope that it would remain afloat.

Happiness was if it sailed till my eyes could see,

me and the paperboat made so many memories


Thoughts flooded the mind,
Rage blooded the eyes,
Tongue refused to be kind,
But all the chaos was mellowed,
The outburst was swallowed,
Sentences were decorated,
Conversation was built up,
To suit the ears of listener,
Each word was filtered….

Images wanted to come out candid,
But search was for a perfectly compatible shot,
Expressions had to cover the distance that changed times had brought,
So colors were popped up, contrast was reduced,
Sharpness was increased, faces were lifted,
Wish people in the pic could smile more honestly instead,
Visual was sugarcoated to cover everything bittered,
Each expression was filtered…

Empty Frame

An empty frame stood on the table,
Many images in the cupboard would come to mind and babble,
It was to show our happy times,
A glance at it, was to make memories mime,
But none could fit now, for the emotions it housed
Once a gift , it was now a long held grouse,
But hands still can’t manage to hide it or push it aside,
It was once my truth, though drifted away leaving my side,
Pen and erasor were also on the table,
i could’t erase and rewrite those pages,
I could neither tear those images nor lend them the frame,
The empty frame still stands , as some emotions can never be tamed


You are missing from me,
The emptiness hurts
And it can’t be filled by a sorry

All i can think of..
Life was on the brink of..
A new begining
Then why it ended?
Your words , ” Am falling for you ?”
haunt me,
But then the echoes of, ” It ain’t working out anymore ” taunt me,

Heart that skipped a beat for you,
Is broken and scattered with no clue,
For all the emotions and experiences traded,
The soul now feels tired

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