We don't often market the idea of saving before we have wasted enough. And we keep a count of wastage instead of what is left. It is difficult to figure out whether we are trying to boast about our negligence or trying to just balance the guilt of letting go, when we could hold onto it

You ain’t here..

You ain't here to blend in chorus, but to find your voice and hear it first hand. It may not be mellifluous or convincing, you may reluctantly discover its coarseness.  The first time you identify it and what its saying, you are likely to be in denial. But the moment you own it, you will be redeemed off all the glass ceiling.

Life happened….

Life often happened between ....
the half chances you messed up and the second chances that never came your way,
the decisions you made and the choices you let go,
the buses you missed and the plans you cancelled,
the people you wanted in life and people you were left with,
the outcomes you accepted and the situations you avoided.

Chats and conversations

A conversation ain't about depth of words but more about the layers in it. The way a pause conveys the unsaid, the way a tone helps you discover the emotion sleepwalking beneath the words, the way the sound of a giggle or a laugh separates an akward filler from a instinctive flash of joy. Irony is we have moved from this natural multi dimensional medium to a 2 dimentional medium of chats in name of technology. 


Sometimes you feel like the head is in clouds, but you ain't flying. Still navigating through broken bylanes. The mapped journey has been sliced open into a waiting game and you are just not getting it right. When and whether to stop or resume. Slowly the gap between the level of journey and your goal widens. From reaching the destination it deteriorates to outrunning someone to preparing an inventory of reasons in case you are not able to reach the goal. The only way to survive this is to remember why you started and not let the question of where you have reached replace it

The Friday Party

you donno the ppl, you donno the  place,
all so cramped up, yet easy in their space,
sweepstaking realities to photoshop face,
music seesawing to moods of treble and base,

you can see them jam, you can feel a vibe,
a floor full of strangers desperate to form a tribe,
the frame has more than your words can describe,
for a Friday night is much more than last Monday's bribe