Broken soul

I don’t sneeze anymore,
cough is now settled in chest,
it keeps pushing the heart to retire and rest.

Search for outside warmth stops at the coffee cup,
and shoulders often catch cold.

Slow beats try to mock a relaxed vibe,
as empty weekly diary coaxes the clock to accept the bribe.

Thoughts prefer to retire in mind,
voice prefers to leave words behind,
burps and farts seldom make out with silence.

World has shown show many colors,
that eyes now find recluse in dark,
curtained windows have learnt to renounce thousand suns.

Line between memories and this moment blurs,
memories flash as moment flickers,
its a chaotic pendulum ride,
with good times on mind and empty home inside.


Woh likhti hai,
uske kaseedo mein,
unkahe jasbaato ki parchhai dikhti hai,

uski nami
shayad woh syaahi mein ghoulti hai,
zubaan khamoshi naa chhode,
par kaagaz pe woh bahut bolti hai,

uski hitchkichahat,
uski sharam,
din dhalne ke baad,
ek kalam ke aage peeghalkar,
khuli hava mein saans leti hai,
bhuli si ek fiza ko,
woh har raat khat likh kar awaaz deti hai

Be You….

You would be labelled,

you would be tagged,

after being pulled with pursuance,

you would be shamelessly dragged.

Your mind will be played,

your emotions will be slayed,

your sanity will be questioned,

so much so that your sincerity will be stunned,

so never give a damn,

to their opinions and passing comments.

Don’t help them in breaking your pillars,

just because they managed to break your window glass,

don’t give in to their gossip and fillers,

just because their words lowered the class

don’t parade your ego to protect self respect,

just because they lit a match in your backyard.

Just hang in there,

and don’t lose yourself in journey

Complain letter

I had questions for you,
but you couldn’t even breach my silence,

i wanted you to try and toe the lines,
i had built walls, but they had doors,
i wanted you to knock at least once,

i wanted you to say
with your lips, if not words,

i found my reasons to stick with you,
but i wanted you to find yours,

differences never bothered me
as much as your tendency to judge,

fights never bothered me,
as much as your tendency to avoid issues