The Friday Party

you donno the ppl, you donno the  place,
all so cramped up, yet easy in their space,
sweepstaking realities to photoshop face,
music seesawing to moods of treble and base,

you can see them jam, you can feel a vibe,
a floor full of strangers desperate to form a tribe,
the frame has more than your words can describe,
for a Friday night is much more than last Monday's bribe

The lines

I was always told to be in line,
Never saw one, but believed somehwere it did exist,
Those very moments i tried to do something different or bigger than past,
The line came to life
through reactions and confontations,
Then i became conscious of it,
Slowly i stopped thinking about something big,
I learnt to fit myself on right side of all those lines,

They weren't lines but swords ready to cut my dreams the moment i gave them wings....

Tragedy of a piano solo

Tragedies drowned in melodies,
struggling to swim past the channel of memories,

it wasn't just music,
it was a confession making its way through lyrics,

the words no one else could listen played loud in your mind,
sailing on the notes that vividly rhymed,
with the journey...

things just felt right before going wrong,
those scattered emotions made the piano solo into your song..

Life in now – A drama

Calender read Oct 19, 2021.
Watch read 19.46.
But i was sipping cola from college canteen in 2009,
and worrying about the appraisal of March 2022.
All these while chipping the overgrown nail of index finger and waiting for 19.50 local train.

It felt as if the urge to escape from routine present made me a drama writer, who is simultaneously working on two stories. Both would not end in mind, but screenplay born out of overthinking would be potent enough to numb the present. Adding more air to the bubble of past and sucking every drop of hope that future could hold onto seems to be an art human has mastered while going through evolutionary process.

Or maybe mind wanted a high without consuming any substance. So mind began creating a cocktail of timelines.This episode made me ask a few questions to self.

Am i living my life?
Am just busy hijacking the moment with memories and imaginations?

Do we spend most of our times thinking about life, trying to predict outcomes, making ourselves believe that good is already gone and there is no chance it can recur ?
Do we subconsciously prevent ourselves from experiencing something new or unknown?

I am sure this has happened with many of you and many times. It is still happening without you even realising it.

The drama won't end easily. But being aware of the drama may always help.