Chaand pe ek Kavita

Suna tha chaand aaj kal kisi do kamre wale makaan mein kiraaye se rehta hai,

aaj dekh liya,
ek darwaaze se nikla, parde ko kinaare karta hua,
Waise hi jaise asmaan mein badalon ko karta hai,

Use shayaad pata tha,
ki maine dekh liya, toh uspar ek kavita zarur likhunga,
usne apna naam bhi yaha “Kavita” bataya hai,

Chaand pe daag hua karta tha,
par is Kavita pe toh nahi hai,
nazar naa lage insaano ki,
isliye usne maathe par teeka lagaya tha

Toh bas kuch aise chaand bana “Kavita”

Body of life

Heart pumped blood at 80 bps,

wish eyes could pump held back tears.

Feet ran at 12 kms/hour,

wish words uttered could at least crawl to the ears.

Hands could rotate 360 degree,

wish outlook could accept some 180 degree differences.

Back could support the neck for 24 hours,

wish thoughts could support the actions for a few moments.

When it ends….

clock will go on ticking,
but heart won’t be mimicking,

time won’t matter anymore
people will come and go,
parading around me,
as i sleep flat for the first time in life,

fan will still be circling slow,
but faster than my breath,
which would have already given up,

body would have already given a farewell to heart
for the last pump
post which
river would start clotting, anything blood would only be floating,

body will be reduced to a sack of pale flesh and bones,
with organs enjoying the retirement
and soul moving to new job elsewhere