Breaking point

Life was never pushed to the extreme.
but somehow it reached the breaking point…

Not when i was actually broke
Not when things became fragile
nothing mattered,

but ..

when decision bowed to conflicts,
with the fear of taking wrong sides.

when the goal licked feets,
of the shortcut and free rides.

when cracks encroached the walls,
and bullied the gate.

when a slip-up transcended into falls,
and hard work was eclipsed by fate.

when feelings were put to sleep,
and emotions were hallucinated by rehearsed words.

when too much was promised to keep,
and feathers were stitched before freeing the birds.

Looking back at life

Mind was tutored to set targets,
and be in a hurry to chase them,
when one was achieved, another came,
life reeled on an auto mode,
setting out to make new mistakes, but never repeat them,

The rush was engaging at first,
and addictive later on,
life was either being far or near to the goal,
but never saw the present moment roll,

Timelines beaten,Goals achieved,
made accolades the redeeming moments
but a thing was missing,
What sounded mellifluous was hissing,
was life only about a goal?
left with few hands to shake
fewer shoulders to lean on
feet had forgotten the careese of morning grass,
eyes didn’t remember what sunrise looked like,

Were the medals, certificates worth the sacrifice ?
Sacrifice of…
relationships that could have healed,
tender moments that could melt the heart,
opportunities to experience life beyond goals,
perspective to see life as a whole,

Stuccess came but with myopia,
neck was decorated with medals
but hands were empty,
life becoming a prisoner of success,
just forgot to breathe free…