Darkness feels home

Feels like day has ended with the sunset of overthinking, 
fear of dark heals what daylights were bringing.

Silence hides here often,
bias of colour disappears.
Wounds come out of hiding,
with no eyes chasing to pierce.

Scars ache less as mirrors lose the game,
pages written or blank read the same.
Noises make you think,
reality and dream become inseparable by a blink.

When succumbing to a corner becomes a choice over being on the roam,
that is the moment darkness feels home..

Heart crawlers

They come out of hiding, 
appear to be abiding,
searching not, but begging for place,
place not in house, but in heart,
they are into impostering like an art,

you avoid them at start,
but end up dealing,
you look for their wounds,
wounds they have decorated,
to catch your attention,
without even a fleeting mention,
in the conversations
which involve your silences
and their stories,
your copy-paste OKs and their overdose of sorries,

you give them place,
a place in your heart,
still confused
whether as a gift of love or a loan of sympathy,

and the problem starts the moment they take it,
they try to make it something of their own,
making you forget the heartbeats you own,
they start coaxing you for more space,
you give them an inch more,
they bargain for square feets,
they nail you on your weak nerves,
even blackmail if it serves.


As i see the valley tripping from the summit 
i see the pages of life flying in air
flashing my coerced signatures
revealing to skies dreams i was told to copy
to get an A+ in the life's majors

As i see the valley tripping from the summit,
i see moments flashing when i had to submit,
when option to let go was on standby,
everythings turned so blind,
my darkness often probes the fireflies.

As i see the valley tripping from the summit,
fears hold back,
and anxieties lean into the free fall,
wanting me to get closer to the real me,
discover some depth in this shallow sea.


When lipsticked curtains opened,
he assembled 32 misplaced pieces of calcium,
a pair of whithered rose petals,
brushed in deep red,
for the last act of his life,
giving away borrowed smiles,
as if trying to…
tame the pain,
raging to flood,
every inch of his plastered face…

A showman he was,
like a jar of caged fireflies glittering a bulb,
extracting funny expressions from the wrinkled pulp,
taking crowd of emotions on a comic high,
and just near the peak,
he let the tears fall free from the sky. act ended, backstage mourned,
audience roared …

He used the tragedy of life once again,
to make the melancholies have their last laugh…


Scars hid,

Moon had sighted eclipse, and stars refused to meet,

Marks faded,

Tides had drowned the sun for light to be invaded,

Barks screamed,

Silence was broken and pushed to the extreme,

Shadows sided,

Left redundant by the black, they confided,

Fear outgrew,

None of the two eyes agreed to look back, as they knew….

It was “Dark”