To end the chaos…

I thought …

ripping the watch off the wrist,
would change the times,

sipping dew beneath the mist,
would quench the thirsts,

keeping hands off the thread,
would skip being culprit of the knots,

letting a tear off the eye,
would prevent the bubble bursts,

begetting words through eyes,
would escape the misquotes,

forgetting the ties,
would push the emotions away,

but it didn’t happen…

years were deprived of a minute,
sips weren’t enough to drown the thirst,
knots transpired to cast a web,
a tear moved out stealing all the pearls,
choked words couldn’t reach the eyes,
memories of the left held emotions to ransom,

the chaos survived

Attempt to confess

there were many attempts before
but coquetry never riped into a confession
anxiety climbed up the walls of time to reach obsession
her hope was at a point of no return
fire that lit her life was also making her burn

then the day came and…

collarbones pushed her throat to voice her love,
tongue was ready to slip the distance
and reach his heart
but lips stiched themselves
a mumble did manage to jump off the tongue
before being tamed by the noises..

In between

you dont live taking sides,
you are often found lingering ,
some battles are not confined to loss or win
but more about getting it right or wrong


we exist somewhere in between……

matching the steps
burning the bridge

laughing together
mocking the company

saying a “No”
saying nothing

late night conversations
the silent treatment

not forgetting them
needing a reminder to remember

exploring life together
avoiding the same roads

lending a hand
holding back when it matters

being in love
outgrowing all things mills & boon

as if searching the right side of life somewhere in between

I Donno

Maybe, am drowning,
To explore the depth,
To just surrender my breath to salts,
I donno,

Maybe, am falling
To kiss the ground,
To wing through heights and land up in stars,
I donno,

Maybe, am wandering,
To a place with no address,
To travel without having to take a road,
I donno,

Maybe, am breathing heavy,
To coerce the heart to give up a beat,
To disown the journey
I donno….