Tongue runs cold
words freeze on its tip,
neither melting their way back to heart,
nor diving off the lip,
voice rises retreats like an impatient wave beneath the throat.

There is another world around the clavicle,
a volcano desperate to erupt,
throw up all the lava,
crushing the icebergs,
before diving of the lips,
dragging a scream along.

And the moment passes…

All the lava drowns in my veins,
burning the heart,
smoking the lungs.
My eyes go blank after the calamity inside,
and just then someone asks
“what happened?”
i say, “nothing, just choked..”

I have words to say..

I have words to say,
donno if they would stay true,
to all the thoughts and feelings that brew,
somewhere in mind somewhere in heart,
many things dwelling on the brink waiting for a start,

I have words to say,
donno if they would mean a thing,
donno if a tear would move or smile would spring,
from anyone who means something,
their answers elude me while i am mustering courage.

I have words to say
to no one and about nothing,
donno if the shout outs to the sky would help the release,
of an emotion which lost its way,
hope my silence will find home from the voice going stray.

I have words to say...


Sometimes we feel the hand that never leaned beyond waving to hold us. 

Sometimes we feel the lips that gave us hope of a kiss, but did not utter a word and turned away.

Sometimes we feel the heartbeats, even if their hearts were cold to us.

Sometimes we feel their murmurs breathing life into our memories, even if they are just shallow breaths.

And irony is we can't convey or express those feelings to anyone out there, we can just embrace them.

Twin willing

am willing to quench everything that leaves you thirsty,
are your emotions willing to hold any water for me,

am willing to tame every wave that leaves you drowning,
is your sail willing to give up the shores for me,

am willing to let go the boundaries that bind you,
are your steps willing to trace their journey back to me,

Tragedy of a piano solo

Tragedies drowned in melodies,
struggling to swim past the channel of memories,

it wasn't just music,
it was a confession making its way through lyrics,

the words no one else could listen played loud in your mind,
sailing on the notes that vividly rhymed,
with the journey...

things just felt right before going wrong,
those scattered emotions made the piano solo into your song..