Who am i?

who am i…?

a bunch of bones stitched by flesh
an orderly life managed by mess

a high pitch nasal throw of an anxious throat
a hopeful rover carried by a lost boat

a happiness failed by gratitude
a failure bailed by attitude

a body stuck in routines
a soul immersed in past

a villain cursed in someone’s story
a good screenplay gone awry

a person stamped with expiry date
an immature who arrived late…


Gamo ke samandar mein aankhein taair ti hai,

ab behna bhi nahi aur rehna bhi yahi,
toh dono har raat alag alag nikalti hai

kinaaro ki talaash mein,
meethe paani ki pyaas mein,

kya yeh bas khwab bhar hai,
ya mumkin si baat,

yeh sochkar laut aati hai palkon ke pichhe,
sametkar raat bhar bikhre jasbaat…

Body of life

Heart pumped blood at 80 bps,

wish eyes could pump held back tears.

Feet ran at 12 kms/hour,

wish words uttered could at least crawl to the ears.

Hands could rotate 360 degree,

wish outlook could accept some 180 degree differences.

Back could support the neck for 24 hours,

wish thoughts could support the actions for a few moments.

Gifts from you….

walking the path carved by lines in your palm,
led me to crossroads,

listening to the angry words hid by your silence,
bled me to tears

slipping in the dreams that left you insomniac,
made me sleep with nightmares

holding tantrums that lent you confidence,
left me emotionally crippled ,

giving you the canvas that world
deprived you off,
left my pages blank


Woh likhti hai,
uske kaseedo mein,
unkahe jasbaato ki parchhai dikhti hai,

uski nami
shayad woh syaahi mein ghoulti hai,
zubaan khamoshi naa chhode,
par kaagaz pe woh bahut bolti hai,

uski hitchkichahat,
uski sharam,
din dhalne ke baad,
ek kalam ke aage peeghalkar,
khuli hava mein saans leti hai,
bhuli si ek fiza ko,
woh har raat khat likh kar awaaz deti hai


Some drift apart,

out of ego,

out of differences,

carrying grudge,

holding back apologies.

Some meet afterwards,

maybe after ages,

to cry, hug,

and make peace,

with the distance,

that could always be met.

But some stay together,

even after drifting apart,

and never meet.

Donno which distance is more painful.


As you break me chip by chip,

i caresse your poison lip by lip.

As you liberate me off the bonds,

ripping the notes off my songs,

i sing you departing lullabies.

As you sip tears off my lashes,

i prepare more pain,

to quench your thirst of ages.

Nothing will ever be the same,

but somethings just don’t change…

My silence

Can you read my silence?

it ain’t mumuring the words you wanna hear,

it is simply saying,


Maybe because…

i don’t wanna react,

i don’t have an answer,

i need time to ponder.

Don’t force words,

you wanna listen,

down the throat of my silence.

Let it breathe,

catch the hurrying beat,

just be.