Can imagine you taking bite of the cake,
with cream left on the lips

Can imagine you shaking a leg to good music,
with song being sung between the hips

Can imagine you leaning on the sofa,
with your curves revealing the secrets your silence keeps

Can imagine you getting inked (tattooed) by me on the inner thigh,
with my hands going deeper to give you a high

Waves and curves

Saw a mermaid soaking sun on boat,
maybe she got license to ferry,
now waves tide to her whims,
for she holds their secrets,
more than a moon could ever carry.

Her curves tempt the waves to rise
and lick them,
leaving behind the salts to soak beauty off her skin,
ageless waves feel she is the ocean of their sin.

Random poetries

A poetry is resting on your curves,
with its lines measuring your plateaus and creeks.

A haiku is finding solace in your navel,
with a middle word of second line hanging out like piercing.

Just want to ask,
if you still offer your skin as canvas,
for my lips aren’t finding space to write a prose

Her charisma

She wasn’t the one,
you could loose flirt with at bars and cafes.

She was the one,
you could wait for,
before holding her hand for the first time

She wasn’t the one,
your senses could shamelessly grope.

She was the one,
you could wait for,
to break her shyness in your arms,

She wasn’t the one,
whose curves you could lose yourself in.

She was the one,
whose eyes carried enough foreplay,
to give fantasies an orgasm.

First Time_Erotic

Imagine two bodies,
drowning in each others liquids,
exposing their yin and yang,
tasting pulp with careeses and spanks,
as touch travels through curves and creeks,

a storm emerges and mellows amid climbs and descends,
impassioned bodies learning new bends,
filling all the spaces through which light could pierce,
as their first time akwardness slowly disappears….