Mijaaz – e- khushi

Dil khush hai,
jo haal hai, jo haalaat hai,
kuch jawaab sukoon deete,
khade kuch sawaalaat hai,
par dil khush hai.

Jahan hona tha, waha shaayad nahi
par jaha hun, uski shikaaayat nahi. kum hun ya zyada, tulna ki baat hai,
par kaafi hun, yeh sochkar dil khush hai.

Din bhar mein kuch khayaaal,
kahi kuch baato ka malaal,
mann dohrata hai,
jaise main mujhse hi ladh raha hun,
kuch chubhti – akharti chizon ko liye,
apni mauj mein aage badh raha hun.
sab kuch ekdum se bhula dene ka hunar nahi hai shaayad,
par dil khush hai,

Khush hun iska matlab yeh nahi,
ki chehre pe 24 ghante muskurahat rehti hai,
maayusi bhi kabhi kabhi apna kiraya deti hai.

Haar nahi maani, hathiyaar nahi daale,
zindagi ki is moothbhed mein,
bahut se achhe pal ate rahe hai,
inhe jeekar, mehsus kar

dil khush hai….

Dew on petals

Petals posing together,

on the last day of their life,

just hours before,

they would cease looking upto the sky,

not missing caresses of the sun,

and kiss the earth.

All were smiling at death,


were in tears, the next moment,


they won’t be alive to see their photograph.


I saw it,
Gliding on the faces,
Stretching in the smiles,
Glittering in the eyes,
Tapping in the dance moves,
Gripping a shakehand,
Warming up cold shoulders,


I always thought
Why this emotion
Is so alien to me
Is so chameleon to me

Why it doesn’t…..
Greet me impromptu,
Realise am waiting,
See the dreams my eyes are vacating….

But with time i observed,
Some people carry borrowed happiness,
Taken on rent,
For the occassion
For the company,
For the envy,
For the camera,

All that I saw wasn’t absolutely real,
I realised,
It is better to wait and focus on karma,
And keep the heart open,

Someday it will knock my door,
I won’t fake happiness
Would rather live without it.