“time flies.. time heals..”
as if
it just picks up your baggages,
freezing them as memories.

“time doesn’t wait..time never remains the same..”
as if
it greets you the first time with a bye,
and before you recognize, leaves behind a teary eye.

“time is ticking..time is money..”
as if
time given is experience traded,
moments wasted are wisdom evaded.

You are alive if…

you can listen to heartbeats at some point during the day

you can catch the breath that is running out faster than it is going in

you like to see the sun set after hours of escaping it’s heat,

you are amazed to see the dew settle on leaves through winter nights,

you slow down at times to absorb the scene around when running late,

you ain’t a fan of perfection and enjoy the act even with misplaced cues

you measure the success with people who have matched their steps to be with you


As a thing leaves

roll back your sleeves,

lean on elbowed palm,

don’t babysit chaos, adopt calm,

tilt on the right side,

let the heart on left lower the tide,

blink slow,

let the frames of departure leave eyes with a glow

see the world from a different angle,

there is beauty to things entangled

let the knots just be….

Her joy and shores

She set her foot on sands,
made the waves dance,
to the swings of her skirt.

Her knees often tamed the tides,
while she walked on sides,
teasing the waters to come and kiss her feet.

Shells grabbed her eyes,
reminding her of calls from ocean,
she could see all the drowning suns,
she had enjoyed over the years ,
like flashbacks floating in front of her eyes.

Life comes a full circle..

Life comes a full circle..

But am left with salts,
no one out there wants to trade their honey.

I cross paths with same people,
as my attempts to sidestep go in vain,
giving them what they want off me.

I face same old situations,
while holding onto sanity on the sharp turns,
just like my darkness holds the ciggratte till late, while heart burns,

Life comes a full circle..

Maybe yes ..

But the ring tends to suffocate hopes,
everytime i am about to break the glass ceiling,

Be You….

You would be labelled,

you would be tagged,

after being pulled with pursuance,

you would be shamelessly dragged.

Your mind will be played,

your emotions will be slayed,

your sanity will be questioned,

so much so that your sincerity will be stunned,

so never give a damn,

to their opinions and passing comments.

Don’t help them in breaking your pillars,

just because they managed to break your window glass,

don’t give in to their gossip and fillers,

just because their words lowered the class

don’t parade your ego to protect self respect,

just because they lit a match in your backyard.

Just hang in there,

and don’t lose yourself in journey

Life in notebooks

some wait for a perfect line,

some are too hesitant to write,

out of fear of making a mistake,

some are busy guessing the count of pages left,

to see how many pages left,

burying the hope that another notebook might be waiting for them,

meanhwile, pages keep flipping themselves,

number at the bottom keeps increasing,

each has choice,

to fill the page open in full,


to leave it blank,

if you get too engrossed amid,

what you wrote was right or wrong,


what you will write next,

you might miss the page open,

no story is perfect in any book,

there will be scribbles struck off lines,

misspelled words,

so be with page, thats in front of eyes,

you might be tempted to peep in others notes,

but they maybe at different point and page ,

so don’t copy,

don’t mourn the fact that you are not allowed an erasor,

for no one is,

don’t be too serious about how the story is going,

feel free to scribble,

draw and have fun in the margins running parallel…