Just when emotions thawed
a butter knife was pierced.

They cut me slowly
softly ripping through all the years
in a matter of seconds.

By the time the (knife’s) point reached
bottom of the heart
all attachments melted away.

They kept searching for the pieces,
while i was all over the place
unwilling to gather myself again.

Unchaahe jawaab

Kuch bin maange, kuch bewaqt mile,
jinse bach nikalna chaha,
wahi raaste mein pade mile.

Teekhe labzo ko odhkar,
hamesha mere sawalon ko bepata chhodkar woh aye,
par unki sachhai meri umeed ko itna raund gayi,
ki mann jhoothi tasalli chahne laga.

Khamoshi mein milkar ek goonj de gaye,
jisse aaj bhi meri khamoshiyaan pareshaan hoti hai,
zindagi shayad dhero unsuljhe sawaalo se kuch unchaahe jawaab peeroti hai

Be with yourself

When a thing is slipping from your fingers while you await the arrival of another,

when roads lead to destination, but you don’t feel like travelling any further,

when the dilemma of rushing or letting it go begins to churn your peace,

when your maturity is making your silence pay higher fees,

when you have run out of options and don’t have a plan in place,

when you have run out of gasoline and you want to set everything ablaze.