you were on my speed dial,
while i topped your missed call charts,
saw things were falling, still hope was in denial,
while you were busy building a life apart,

i gave up my flight to make you walk again,
and after a few steps, you shunned my hand,
pushing me aside like an unwanted end,
not bothering to look back,
leaving me wounded in pain.

Chew the glass…


heart breaks,

pieces get smaller,

walls become taller,

so tall …..

that they don’t allow me,

to return and fix.



With each healing mourn,

heart becomes stone,

beats clangour,


make me think,

if i could chew the pieces,

glue them with saliva,

saved from all the kisses,

to make a heart,

so elastic,

that it can’t break,

instead bounces back,

after being dropped of the cliff


Her charisma

She wasn’t the one,
you could loose flirt with at bars and cafes.

She was the one,
you could wait for,
before holding her hand for the first time

She wasn’t the one,
your senses could shamelessly grope.

She was the one,
you could wait for,
to break her shyness in your arms,

She wasn’t the one,
whose curves you could lose yourself in.

She was the one,
whose eyes carried enough foreplay,
to give fantasies an orgasm.


No one falls in love.
They willingly drown,
allured by the ecstasy,
fascinated by the depth,
of emotion heard off in stories.

Now they want their heart to skip a beat,
to break a bit.

Now they want their lips to melt away,
in each others mouth.

Now their bodies want to feel
how it’s like to be stuck,
in the symphony of heavy breaths.

Attempt to confess

there were many attempts before
but coquetry never riped into a confession
anxiety climbed up the walls of time to reach obsession
her hope was at a point of no return
fire that lit her life was also making her burn

then the day came and…

collarbones pushed her throat to voice her love,
tongue was ready to slip the distance
and reach his heart
but lips stiched themselves
a mumble did manage to jump off the tongue
before being tamed by the noises..