We – An Enigma I

Do i need you or i love you,

Do i depend on you or i own you,

Do you lend me sanity or i owe you the madness,

Do you complete me or i am left wanting for more,

Do you often let me win or i am good at settling the score,

Do you happily beat in my heart or i have caged you in it,

Do we exist in me or occassionally disappear between you & I

Her Raging hormones

Sun kissed her lips
Winds groped her curves
Those shallow breaths were enough to dilate the fantasy,
Everytime her cups would bowl up to exude ecstacy,
Palms would harden to slip through pits and numb the splits,
Fingers would corn up to strum her clit,
Lips would be tempted to measure her curves,
Emerging from teenage, her hormones were in a rage and hype,
Her cherry was ripe for popping,
But she was consumed in window shopping

(a try at exploring erotic genre. no offence meant. tried to keep it sensual and away from being vulgar. feedback appreciated.)


You are missing from me,
The emptiness hurts
And it can’t be filled by a sorry

All i can think of..
Life was on the brink of..
A new begining
Then why it ended?
Your words , ” Am falling for you ?”
haunt me,
But then the echoes of, ” It ain’t working out anymore ” taunt me,

Heart that skipped a beat for you,
Is broken and scattered with no clue,
For all the emotions and experiences traded,
The soul now feels tired

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