Song plays on mind

A song plays on mind,
leaving the tapes,
it runs behind.

Like a sugar cube being dipped,
to less the bitterness of coffee,
it sinks in my thoughts,
to take me away,
from all the pains and strangling knots.

A song plays on mind,
taking me away from conversations.

It’s notes have a strange way to rescind,
my consciousness,
my hold over the reality,
the reality ,
which i am forced to accept.

Abducting me,
to realms of places and people,
who were a reality,
i loved to embrace,
but are no more in the periphery of my touch or feel.

Paper Boat

Me and the paperboat,

like one of the many letters i wrote,

every season,

to the clouds.

As rain would come finding my whereabouts

it would be welcomed with folded paper,

perfected angles and pulled up sides,
shaping it for a long ride,

along the roadside streams,

after all showers had came selling dreams.

As the hands would release the boat,

emotions would swing amid,

pendulum of confidence that it would sail smooth,

and hope that it would remain afloat.

Happiness was if it sailed till my eyes could see,

me and the paperboat made so many memories

Her sorrow…

i let you go,
but not the sorrow,

it fills the space,
you left me with,
i pay him rent,
with sad poetries,

he wakes up,
to my bad dreams,
comforting me,
of having lived through a nightmare,

i bathe him,
with fresh tears,
his mornings are soaked,
in overnight dew,

he supplies,
the needed pain,
in quantities,
just enough,
to keep you buried,
and your memory alive…

Looking back at life

Mind was tutored to set targets,
and be in a hurry to chase them,
when one was achieved, another came,
life reeled on an auto mode,
setting out to make new mistakes, but never repeat them,

The rush was engaging at first,
and addictive later on,
life was either being far or near to the goal,
but never saw the present moment roll,

Timelines beaten,Goals achieved,
made accolades the redeeming moments
but a thing was missing,
What sounded mellifluous was hissing,
was life only about a goal?
left with few hands to shake
fewer shoulders to lean on
feet had forgotten the careese of morning grass,
eyes didn’t remember what sunrise looked like,

Were the medals, certificates worth the sacrifice ?
Sacrifice of…
relationships that could have healed,
tender moments that could melt the heart,
opportunities to experience life beyond goals,
perspective to see life as a whole,

Stuccess came but with myopia,
neck was decorated with medals
but hands were empty,
life becoming a prisoner of success,
just forgot to breathe free…

Unsaid things….

her eyes spoke to me,
just before moving on,
her tears joked to me,
they were full but didn’t fall,
her silence sort of echoed,
as lips were moving but words were stitched,
her soul rushed towards me,
wish her body had also reached,
She knew, she won’t turn again,
eyes that lit up once, would now only mourn in rain,

Empty Frame

An empty frame stood on the table,
Many images in the cupboard would come to mind and babble,
It was to show our happy times,
A glance at it, was to make memories mime,
But none could fit now, for the emotions it housed
Once a gift , it was now a long held grouse,
But hands still can’t manage to hide it or push it aside,
It was once my truth, though drifted away leaving my side,
Pen and erasor were also on the table,
i could’t erase and rewrite those pages,
I could neither tear those images nor lend them the frame,
The empty frame still stands , as some emotions can never be tamed