Waves and curves

Saw a mermaid soaking sun on boat,
maybe she got license to ferry,
now waves tide to her whims,
for she holds their secrets,
more than a moon could ever carry.

Her curves tempt the waves to rise
and lick them,
leaving behind the salts to soak beauty off her skin,
ageless waves feel she is the ocean of their sin.

Her joy and shores

She set her foot on sands,
made the waves dance,
to the swings of her skirt.

Her knees often tamed the tides,
while she walked on sides,
teasing the waters to come and kiss her feet.

Shells grabbed her eyes,
reminding her of calls from ocean,
she could see all the drowning suns,
she had enjoyed over the years ,
like flashbacks floating in front of her eyes.

River To Ocean…

i (river) gather rains,
from the clouds passing through,
cutting across rocks,
i tease the lakes,
only to fall for you,
to fill you with fresh and pure,
but you merciless to ignore,
engaged to moon tiding the salts,
turning my restlessness into faults,
i know,
you let me ride free,
but wish you could let me be…