you were on my speed dial,
while i topped your missed call charts,
saw things were falling, still hope was in denial,
while you were busy building a life apart,

i gave up my flight to make you walk again,
and after a few steps, you shunned my hand,
pushing me aside like an unwanted end,
not bothering to look back,
leaving me wounded in pain.

Wound & Scar_a brief talk

A fresh wound found a home, besides a burried one,
a matured scar found a younger self, it could mother.

It was their first meeting,
amid tired emotions,
just after all water was shed.

Scar said, “I am your future, but we both are the same…
…i am pregnant with memory and you are with pain”

Wound said, ” Maybe, but i feel we are different…
…i came as a guest and you grew up in this home”

Scar said, “A grave doesn’t grow….
…but memories do return to pay respects.”

“Not in flowers, but with tears.”


Pain sleeps,
an inch below the scar,
wrapped in a clot,
on a nerve serving the heart.

But on somedays…
memories rush,
wearing nostalgia,
pain changes sides,
tearing the day,
into series of dark phases,
nerve is trampled,
clot bloats,
and heart pounds heavy.

A desperate attempt follows,
palms holding up,
against forehead,
as if gating the mind,
from the escape.

Finally a cry erupts,
with silent tears,
to ease off the tremors,
followed by a hope,
that pain doesn’t wake up.

Journey of goodbyes…

Goodbyes leave a sour taste,
the moment just passes you in haste,
wish the memory of the last wave could also move on

with emotions brewing a lump in throat,
words hitting a silent note,
letting them go feels strangely redeeming,
outgrowing this selfish love,
often clogs the heart with tears brimming,
for there is a crowd of anxiety and unaswered fears,
how long the distance will be pacified by tears????

And what about the unsent ones ???
too hesitant and orphan ones…
which never met their departed,
but echo from the empty room they left behind ,
every day at a same time , when they boarded towards new journey…