Open Collar__Erotic Snippets

She left the right collar open,
As if leaving a place
For my palms
massage her neck
feel the vein running parallel beneath my fingers
pull her close
so much so that
i could be in two minds
whether to withdraw
from her nape
and slip through her splits
just let my fingers loose their way
In her wool

Her Raging hormones

Sun kissed her lips
Winds groped her curves
Those shallow breaths were enough to dilate the fantasy,
Everytime her cups would bowl up to exude ecstacy,
Palms would harden to slip through pits and numb the splits,
Fingers would corn up to strum her clit,
Lips would be tempted to measure her curves,
Emerging from teenage, her hormones were in a rage and hype,
Her cherry was ripe for popping,
But she was consumed in window shopping

(a try at exploring erotic genre. no offence meant. tried to keep it sensual and away from being vulgar. feedback appreciated.)