The laugh….

i laughed…
pulling up the choked voice,
to tide over all fears and hesitations.
that couldn’t be resolved,
that couldn’t be ended,
but could just be tamed,
only to storm back
burying my mumbles down to the stomach,
making the next laugh
an impossible act to pull off…

Walk on beach

rays were flirting with her face ,
waves were seducing shores to let them kiss her feet,
as she walked on the beach.
She left her hair open,
allowing the breeze to caresse her curls.
Tides were raging,
to claim her footprints left behind,
as a proof of the fact that a mermaid did ditch the ocean waters,
to have a fling with sands…..

The lines

I was always told to be in line,
Never saw one, but believed somehwere it did exist,
Those very moments i tried to do something different or bigger than past,
The line came to life
through reactions and confontations,
Then i became conscious of it,
Slowly i stopped thinking about something big,
I learnt to fit myself on right side of all those lines,

They weren't lines but swords ready to cut my dreams the moment i gave them wings....

Joker in me….

When your reality is unkind,
short of highs you often fail to find,
punctually low to the depth that scares you,
blind you in fear or the panic that tears you,

you turn to stories,
a work of fiction
anything can be villain
but you are the hero,
you cheer for yourself,
the way you often wished to be.

What felt like a weekend getaway from reality,
slowly becomes a home you are proud of.

You don't feel like coming back again,
talking to same old blokes,
doing same old stuff,
dealing with dozen of phobias that just exist in your mind.

You are tired of being a joker
putting up a show of normality,
when everything in you is breaking and floating,
hidden nightmares doing cha-cha-cha with the cheeks happily gloating


just an artist oscillating amid subtle and surreal,
on the stage called life.

Zindagi ka safar

tumhe saamne dekh,
kuch log beete safar ka andaaza lagaayenge,
kabhi use achhe naseeb ka sahara,
toh kabhi galtiyon ka janaaza bataayenge,

unki baaton pe waqt barbaad na karna,
liye faislon ka vakil mat banna,.
tumhara safar unke liye apna kirdaar chamkaane ka ek aur zariya hai bas..