First rains

Will you step out?
With naked feet sinking,
In freshly doughed mud
Waiting for your autograph,

Will you step out?
Forgetting the umbrella,
Keeping the glares tucked in pocket,
For sun has been gift wrapped by the clouds,

Will you step out?
To match your steps
To the drizzle from sky,
To the symphony of…
moist winds,
tin roofs,
empty cans,
ribbits of frogs,

Will you step out ?
To drench
To dilute your salts,
To soak with nature

Will you step out ?
To see off the summers ,
To mellow the pyrexia,
To witness the first rains…..

Her first rains ..

Her feet were tapping the steps like paino keys,
Unaware that she was raising the rhythm of few heartbeats
She climbed the stairs to reach the deck,
Looked at the sky and sent a peck,
Her sensuality slowly flowered,
From the draped cotton that held gently onto her tight curves,
Her long deep breaths were getting to the afternoon’s nerves,
All the senses were overwhelmed,
And morality was momentarily tamed,
She took off her dupatta and threw it away,
As if telling the world, am proud of my hormonal play,
Then came the rains..
She drenched , she danced,
Never thought beauty and grace could be so nunanced,
As raindrops trickled down her neck,
It felt as if clouds were returning the peck