You are…

A melting point of old and new,

jinxed for some, lucky for few,

dwelling beyond lines false and truths,

a bunch of wrinkles, memory can run its fingers through,

a crack, life forgot to fill,

a scream, only silence could feel

those blurry eyes, behind shining glass,

a bed of thorns, buried beneath the flower vase,


Growing does not always translate into increasing. Growing also means shedding, shredding, and burying. Growth ain’t the change from a point in time to another.

Time, people and your relationship with both keeps changing. Even though you haven’t made much effort. Prospering or being marginalised are a proof that growth can be vertical, but not always upward.

Growth of dust settling in room, because you don’t make effort to clean it. You can’t see dust enter through window, but once its settled in layers, you can see your laziness prospering . You can see cleanliness being marginalised.

Growth can’t be equal across. Though an ideal philosophy does advocate that. Here, the point of outgrowing comes into picture and changes the balance of equation. One who outgrows the circumstances, can prosper fast and for a longer time. One who doesn’t, swings between times of being marginalised and otherwise.


i don’t feel,
the pain of the the distance covered,
from one edge of lips to another

i don’t feel,
the bitterness of the coffee,
from first sip to the last one,

i don’t feel,
the depth of emotions,
sinking from one sense to another,

i don’t feel,
the longing for familiar caresses,
withdrawn from one scar after the other…