i don’t feel,
the pain of the the distance covered,
from one edge of lips to another

i don’t feel,
the bitterness of the coffee,
from first sip to the last one,

i don’t feel,
the depth of emotions,
sinking from one sense to another,

i don’t feel,
the longing for familiar caresses,
withdrawn from one scar after the other…


as i walked on the shores,
drowning my toes in sand,
waves rushed towards me,
groped my anxieties,
and receded,
bullying me,

seashells looked in envy.
waves washed them ashore,
drowned in sand,
they wanted to return to Davy Jones’s locker.

i feared oceans, shells feared sand,
but both wanted to drown,
in each others nemesis.

World & it’s ways

command disguised as advise,

dream dismissed as reverie,

failure misunderstood as a person,

innovation abandoned as impractical,

introversion mystified as arrogance,

respect trampled as fear,

original criticised as dated,

greed marketed as ambition,

backstabbing complimented as business sense,

fear sold as insurance,

colour distinguised as species,

species hunted as hobby.



caving the shoulders,

concussed by a conflict,

reluctantly carried,

purposely left behind,

dragged selflessly,

shunned by selfishness,

feeding off the word once given,

keeping the show enlivened,

bending the back but not breaking it,

living an alternate reality to the point of faking it…