Known strangers

Who are these people?
some knowing me since nappy days,
some since they developed a misconception that knowing me may be an advantage.

We don't meet, we just bump into each other,
at parties, we are obliged to attend,
and on some occasions, where we would prefer not to see each other.

They don't greet me, they check me out,
for something to feel better about themselves,
but at times end up being envious about.

They don't give good wishes,
they give advise,
which makes them feel somewhat superior for the time their voice is touring my ears.

They always have an accomplishment to share,
most of the times it is not theirs,
but of someone they know,
and that someone never turns out my acquaintance.

At times i think why do the converse?
to seek appreciation,
to seek attention,
to seek sort of superiority,
to hide their anxieties amd insecurities...

Twin willing

am willing to quench everything that leaves you thirsty,
are your emotions willing to hold any water for me,

am willing to tame every wave that leaves you drowning,
is your sail willing to give up the shores for me,

am willing to let go the boundaries that bind you,
are your steps willing to trace their journey back to me,

In search of

Amid the fast-paced times,forgetful memories and too many choices, I still search for...

a handwritten poetry in the world of typed ones,

a personal call in the world of whatsapp messages,

a conversation about life in the world of peppered gossips,

a shout of familiar voice in the world of half-hearted smiles.

Couldn’t make out

Her eyes were closed, 
or bowed in grace

Her lips were sealed,
or playfully sleeping with each other,

Her curls were waving out to me,
or winds were building their home

Her expression was blooming with grace,
Or face was holding back the storm

Maybe she was everything pink and red could feed
or a different story you could never get to read

Poetry of touch

I will drive my poetry through your curves,
a bit above your skin,
a bit beneath your nerves

the way you bend,
the way you tilt,
covering you from end to end,
letting go all the guilt.

words will feel
as i feel you
i touch you
in places and ways
no one ever has,
through my words, spaces and commas
leaving my ink,
stealing your aromas

Heart crawlers

They come out of hiding, 
appear to be abiding,
searching not, but begging for place,
place not in house, but in heart,
they are into impostering like an art,

you avoid them at start,
but end up dealing,
you look for their wounds,
wounds they have decorated,
to catch your attention,
without even a fleeting mention,
in the conversations
which involve your silences
and their stories,
your copy-paste OKs and their overdose of sorries,

you give them place,
a place in your heart,
still confused
whether as a gift of love or a loan of sympathy,

and the problem starts the moment they take it,
they try to make it something of their own,
making you forget the heartbeats you own,
they start coaxing you for more space,
you give them an inch more,
they bargain for square feets,
they nail you on your weak nerves,
even blackmail if it serves.

Namesake journey

No way to go back
no way ahead,
am just playing the road,
the way journey is playing me,
memories encroaching the moment,
every leaving minute slaying me

with goal and glory leaving the dreams,
worlds the same with eyes closed,
the drama is dead in my poetry leaving it prosed,
mow the aethist in me does believe
life and happiness are often star crossed