you were on my speed dial,
while i topped your missed call charts,
saw things were falling, still hope was in denial,
while you were busy building a life apart,

i gave up my flight to make you walk again,
and after a few steps, you shunned my hand,
pushing me aside like an unwanted end,
not bothering to look back,
leaving me wounded in pain.

To end the chaos…

I thought …

ripping the watch off the wrist,
would change the times,

sipping dew beneath the mist,
would quench the thirsts,

keeping hands off the thread,
would skip being culprit of the knots,

letting a tear off the eye,
would prevent the bubble bursts,

begetting words through eyes,
would escape the misquotes,

forgetting the ties,
would push the emotions away,

but it didn’t happen…

years were deprived of a minute,
sips weren’t enough to drown the thirst,
knots transpired to cast a web,
a tear moved out stealing all the pearls,
choked words couldn’t reach the eyes,
memories of the left held emotions to ransom,

the chaos survived

Wahi zindagi…

Umr aur waqt se aage badhe,
par khayaal umeedon aur yaadon ke beech wahi the.

Auhde aur zimmedaari se aage badhe,
par faasla ghar aur naukri ke beech wahi tha.

Nakaamiyo aur hatasha se aage badhe,
par “yun hota toh kya hota” is haseen sapne aur haqeqat ke beech palkon ke jhapak wahi thi.

Kuch kadmo ke saath chalne aur kuch haatho ke chhotne se aage badhe,
par nayaab mehfilo aur bhoola denewale vaakyo ke beech log wahi the.


Just when emotions thawed
a butter knife was pierced.

They cut me slowly
softly ripping through all the years
in a matter of seconds.

By the time the (knife’s) point reached
bottom of the heart
all attachments melted away.

They kept searching for the pieces,
while i was all over the place
unwilling to gather myself again.

Chew the glass…


heart breaks,

pieces get smaller,

walls become taller,

so tall …..

that they don’t allow me,

to return and fix.



With each healing mourn,

heart becomes stone,

beats clangour,


make me think,

if i could chew the pieces,

glue them with saliva,

saved from all the kisses,

to make a heart,

so elastic,

that it can’t break,

instead bounces back,

after being dropped of the cliff