Couldn’t make out

Her eyes were closed, 
or bowed in grace

Her lips were sealed,
or playfully sleeping with each other,

Her curls were waving out to me,
or winds were building their home

Her expression was blooming with grace,
Or face was holding back the storm

Maybe she was everything pink and red could feed
or a different story you could never get to read

Explore but differently..

Lets us take love a step further,
Not just fiddling through the windows,
Not just salivating the lust by sealing the lips,
Not just going on dry humping trips,
Not just entering each other through the usual doors,

Let me kiss your lips on their second address,
While you suck my lone thumb roaring through the bushes,

Let me bury my love in your backyard
And see you bloom in the pleasure,

Let me count your moles with my lips,
While you leave your marks on my ribs,

Let us revise the geometry lessons in your bed,
Explore new angles and formations, and make our love well read,

Highs & Lows___Erotic Snippets

Drop your bags,
Bend your knees,
Come beneath my lips,
Let my tongue melt in your mouth,
Let us explore futher south,
Let my tears drown in your eyes,
Let us meet between the thighs,
You lick my lows and I ride you to highs,
You surrender your caves,
And I pen them with my ink, Make you live each moment you could ever think
Leaving a mark on your soul,
Meeting amid the lust and longing,
Conversing in a language of rubs and licks,
I turn you around and ride your nape,
You feel the distance, being at the same place ,
Let us try everything different and new,
Leaving your morning grass wet with my dew.

Her Raging hormones

Sun kissed her lips
Winds groped her curves
Those shallow breaths were enough to dilate the fantasy,
Everytime her cups would bowl up to exude ecstacy,
Palms would harden to slip through pits and numb the splits,
Fingers would corn up to strum her clit,
Lips would be tempted to measure her curves,
Emerging from teenage, her hormones were in a rage and hype,
Her cherry was ripe for popping,
But she was consumed in window shopping

(a try at exploring erotic genre. no offence meant. tried to keep it sensual and away from being vulgar. feedback appreciated.)