To end the chaos…

I thought …

ripping the watch off the wrist,
would change the times,

sipping dew beneath the mist,
would quench the thirsts,

keeping hands off the thread,
would skip being culprit of the knots,

letting a tear off the eye,
would prevent the bubble bursts,

begetting words through eyes,
would escape the misquotes,

forgetting the ties,
would push the emotions away,

but it didn’t happen…

years were deprived of a minute,
sips weren’t enough to drown the thirst,
knots transpired to cast a web,
a tear moved out stealing all the pearls,
choked words couldn’t reach the eyes,
memories of the left held emotions to ransom,

the chaos survived

Be with yourself

When a thing is slipping from your fingers while you await the arrival of another,

when roads lead to destination, but you don’t feel like travelling any further,

when the dilemma of rushing or letting it go begins to churn your peace,

when your maturity is making your silence pay higher fees,

when you have run out of options and don’t have a plan in place,

when you have run out of gasoline and you want to set everything ablaze.


Gum bahut hai,
duniyadaari ke,
marham nadaarad,
is bimaari ke,
phir bhi har subeh,
zakhmo ko lekar,
nikalte hai gharse,
kuch haasil karne ke kiye,
naa ho toh bhi,
ghar laut te waqt ek bujhti si
muskurahat .. Ko saath lekar aate hai,
hoga kuch naa kuch kal,
yeh mann mein dohraate hai
kya hum umeed ka dil tod de,
kya hum jeena chhod de.. isse toh achha hai,
dhalti shaam ko kyun naa chaandni raat ka mod de


Biting nails,
ripping side skin,
waiting always equal to a sin.

Twitching toes,
drooping shoulders,
face sinking to new lows.

Fiddling pen caps,
pages drowned in overwritten scribble,
mind analysing probable mishaps,

Wandering eye balls,
hours passed since the last blink,
as if butterflies preparing for the eventual fall


when i see someone driving their parents to a place

I feel…will i ever be able to navigate my steering that way,

when i see someone getting into relationships,

I feel… will i ever be able to a person that one can count on,

when i see someone taking tough decisions,

I feel… will i ever be able to take one,

when i see, someone taking responsibilities,

I feel….will I ever be able to shoulder the weight,

when i see someone standing up after losses,

I feel.. will i ever be able to take tragedies in stride


I feel , i have the potential,

Other times,

It is like world is moving,

and am a rock sinking in ground a millimeter more,

with each passing day.

For many,

speed of progress is a concern,

But for me just moving is a nightmare at times

Life comes a full circle..

Life comes a full circle..

But am left with salts,
no one out there wants to trade their honey.

I cross paths with same people,
as my attempts to sidestep go in vain,
giving them what they want off me.

I face same old situations,
while holding onto sanity on the sharp turns,
just like my darkness holds the ciggratte till late, while heart burns,

Life comes a full circle..

Maybe yes ..

But the ring tends to suffocate hopes,
everytime i am about to break the glass ceiling,

Broken soul

I don’t sneeze anymore,
cough is now settled in chest,
it keeps pushing the heart to retire and rest.

Search for outside warmth stops at the coffee cup,
and shoulders often catch cold.

Slow beats try to mock a relaxed vibe,
as empty weekly diary coaxes the clock to accept the bribe.

Thoughts prefer to retire in mind,
voice prefers to leave words behind,
burps and farts seldom make out with silence.

World has shown show many colors,
that eyes now find recluse in dark,
curtained windows have learnt to renounce thousand suns.

Line between memories and this moment blurs,
memories flash as moment flickers,
its a chaotic pendulum ride,
with good times on mind and empty home inside.