Step by step

Step by step,
miles were covered,
distance was dwarfed.

Step by step,
emotions were negotiated,
gravity was momentarily negated.

Step by step,
ears were deafened,
inner voice was empowered.

Step by step,
adversities were pursued,
outcome was favourably turned.

Sleeping through insomnia

i sleep….

in the blink,
as the caffine,
careeses the palate,
and about to warm the throat,

behind the steering wheel,
with a feet soft pressed on clutch,
and another stuck in snow refusing to budge,
just before the honk brings me back to road,

on the 13th line of 41st page,
with index finger dozing off the line,
just before book falls off the hand,

on the window bars,
of the bus/trains,
just before being jerked off,
by the brake,

in the sheets of excel,
while switching between files,
using the “alt + tab”,
just before stroking a wrong key,


my nights invite insomnia,
to keep nightmares at bay,
i call out to my dreams,
at different times during the day…

Ain’t easy

Ain’t easy….

being an afterthought,
to the one who never leaves your mind,

being placed last in their queue,
while you are waiting on the edge,

being offered a lift by the one,
for whom you have been waiting since ages,

being asked for something as a favor,
while you are waiting to meet their demands….


Pain sleeps,
an inch below the scar,
wrapped in a clot,
on a nerve serving the heart.

But on somedays…
memories rush,
wearing nostalgia,
pain changes sides,
tearing the day,
into series of dark phases,
nerve is trampled,
clot bloats,
and heart pounds heavy.

A desperate attempt follows,
palms holding up,
against forehead,
as if gating the mind,
from the escape.

Finally a cry erupts,
with silent tears,
to ease off the tremors,
followed by a hope,
that pain doesn’t wake up.

Attempt to confess

there were many attempts before
but coquetry never riped into a confession
anxiety climbed up the walls of time to reach obsession
her hope was at a point of no return
fire that lit her life was also making her burn

then the day came and…

collarbones pushed her throat to voice her love,
tongue was ready to slip the distance
and reach his heart
but lips stiched themselves
a mumble did manage to jump off the tongue
before being tamed by the noises..

A desk with a view

Sun came up and dived,
Day was over and moon arrived,
He was still stuck with the laptop,
Career swinging amid insecurity and hope,

He was still bugged by the pending tasks,
Dealing with demanding asks,
Mails were screaming for reply,
A corporate gazalle was still holding onto a convenient lie,

On this side of the window….
Bitting nails, fiddling the pens
Consumed by the screens, he was tolling the lens, Desperate to prove his pedigree,
While on the other side, world was breathing free,

Never thought , he had to pay such a steep price, To reach a seat confronting the ocean waves and sun rise,
Leaning on desk with a view,
He would end everyday at midnight,
Thinking if life could offer something new…