It is rushing all around us. 
At traffic signals, in trains, inĀ  disconnected calls, in seen but unanswered messages.
The only time we happen to slow it is the snooze button in alarms and reminders.
As if time whizzing past wasn't enough, we also see it running in circles on the breadth of wrist. Our eyes sort of chase those hands leaving the body and mind.


“time flies.. time heals..”
as if
it just picks up your baggages,
freezing them as memories.

“time doesn’t wait..time never remains the same..”
as if
it greets you the first time with a bye,
and before you recognize, leaves behind a teary eye.

“time is ticking..time is money..”
as if
time given is experience traded,
moments wasted are wisdom evaded.

Sands of time

sand was slipping through the fist,

the creases webbing the palm,

had decieved the destiny,

dreams waiting in depths,

saw the sand escape,

trampling them….

scarred fists learnt,

time never returns,

sands escaped,

to merge in dunes,

be picked up by another insane,

thinking time can be held to ransom…


minute by minute clock consumes me,

long hand slaps amd short hand consoles me,

snatching away years,

leaving me with an ever increasing number,

my heartbeats never match the tick tock speed,

as if body is trying to outrun time left,

will i perish before my age,

or a handful of breathtaking moments are still awaiting me….