Nazariya rakhta hun,
kuch haalaato ne khaara kar diya is jheel ko,
isliye dariya rakhta hun.

Par tajoorbe ko kisi nazariye mein shaamil nahi karta,
khayaal ko tay karne deta hun apna safar ,
kuch kati patango se maayus hokar,
yeh hausla uski udaan ka kaatil nahi banta

Who am i?

who am i…?

a bunch of bones stitched by flesh
an orderly life managed by mess

a high pitch nasal throw of an anxious throat
a hopeful rover carried by a lost boat

a happiness failed by gratitude
a failure bailed by attitude

a body stuck in routines
a soul immersed in past

a villain cursed in someone’s story
a good screenplay gone awry

a person stamped with expiry date
an immature who arrived late…


Gamo ke samandar mein aankhein taair ti hai,

ab behna bhi nahi aur rehna bhi yahi,
toh dono har raat alag alag nikalti hai

kinaaro ki talaash mein,
meethe paani ki pyaas mein,

kya yeh bas khwab bhar hai,
ya mumkin si baat,

yeh sochkar laut aati hai palkon ke pichhe,
sametkar raat bhar bikhre jasbaat…


Holding onto the scoop,
as the melting ice cream lands on shirt,

Breaking hard,
as the wheels breach the hesitation of steering,

Sitting through a bad movie,
as the paid ticket looses a penny with each passing minute,

Burning fingers,
as toast loses brown but doesn’t leave the pan,

Waiting is just skipping the chaos,
as hesitation tries to cut peace fromĀ  anxiety….

Not on a high

Body is drunk, soul is dry ,

pouring whiskey down the throat ain’t giving it a high .

What do i do?

Sleep won’t intoxicate the darkness within,

for dreams have left the gates, feeling tired of waiting for insomnia to be over.

Now nightmares are queuing up,
to push the soul in valleys of anxiety