First step

I felt lost,
the moment i left safe harbors
everything loud lowered the tide to murmurs

lips shivered giving away confidence,
to winds of uncertainity

both feet were not in agreement,
each pointing to a different direction,

eyes could see everything travel,
except the body stuck behind it,

hands had just come out of pocket,
as if trying to figure out,
whether to raise themselves
or just fold back into each other


i took the first step...


Pulse often raised,
memories of hope got themselves erased,
listening to anxities bark
life once was afraid of dark.

Then i discovered the darkness within,
breathing life into belief
that colors hid beneath,
were just waiting for light to pierce those depths,
untill the day light did reach the emptiness,
something beneath just crushed,
it was all black,

hope darkness gave me for years,
was stolen by light in a minute.