kya mein jee raha hun,

ya yeh bas ek soch hai,

khayalon mein, khwabo mein,

mann hi mann bante mit te sawalon mein uljha hua,

jo kar raha hun aur jo ho raha hai hai,

uske fark ko nazarandaaz karta hua,

daraaron mein kabhi khaara paani toh kabhi umeed bharta hua,

kisi aur duniya mein saans le raha hun,

kya mein jee raha hun

ya yeh bas ek soch hai….

कौन हो तूम

शरद पूनम का चाँद हो तूम,
या मेरे सपनो का बाँध हो तूम,
होंठों पे बिखरा गुलाल हो तूम,
या भौहों की मधमस्त चाल हो तूम,

आज का इंतज़ार हो तूम,
या कल की मुलाकात हो तूम,
सदा धधकता जस्बात हो तूम
या मेरे प्रेम का सार हो तूम.

In search of

Amid the fast-paced times,forgetful memories and too many choices, I still search for...

a handwritten poetry in the world of typed ones,

a personal call in the world of whatsapp messages,

a conversation about life in the world of peppered gossips,

a shout of familiar voice in the world of half-hearted smiles.


Sometimes there is no plan in place,no goal in sight,
but the journey has to go on.

Sometimes there is no check in place, no one to say right or wrong,
but the job has to be done.

Sometimes there is no outlet to the emotion,no proof of even its existence,
but the shaken heart has to be balmed.

Sometimes there is no shoulder to cry on, no place to hide tears,
but the tides have to be emptied.

Morning tales

Sun climbs up the sky,
Darkness goes to sleep,
Amid the change in their shifts,
Calender date takes a flip.

A body wakes up from the bed,
Keeping dreams and fantasies back in a drawer of mind,
A new day is like another chance,
Leaving all disappointments and misses behind.

Hot coffee rises in the cup,
To drown in the throat,
Body hopes to reach a different place,
While getting ready to sail in the same boat.

Life in now – A drama

Calender read Oct 19, 2021.
Watch read 19.46.
But i was sipping cola from college canteen in 2009,
and worrying about the appraisal of March 2022.
All these while chipping the overgrown nail of index finger and waiting for 19.50 local train.

It felt as if the urge to escape from routine present made me a drama writer, who is simultaneously working on two stories. Both would not end in mind, but screenplay born out of overthinking would be potent enough to numb the present. Adding more air to the bubble of past and sucking every drop of hope that future could hold onto seems to be an art human has mastered while going through evolutionary process.

Or maybe mind wanted a high without consuming any substance. So mind began creating a cocktail of timelines.This episode made me ask a few questions to self.

Am i living my life?
Am just busy hijacking the moment with memories and imaginations?

Do we spend most of our times thinking about life, trying to predict outcomes, making ourselves believe that good is already gone and there is no chance it can recur ?
Do we subconsciously prevent ourselves from experiencing something new or unknown?

I am sure this has happened with many of you and many times. It is still happening without you even realising it.

The drama won't end easily. But being aware of the drama may always help.