As a thing leaves

roll back your sleeves,

lean on elbowed palm,

don’t babysit chaos, adopt calm,

tilt on the right side,

let the heart on left lower the tide,

blink slow,

let the frames of departure leave eyes with a glow

see the world from a different angle,

there is beauty to things entangled

let the knots just be….

Phool ke pankh

Khushbu thi us phool mein,
kar baitha ek bhool main,
use tod liya.

Kuch der baad woh murjhaane laga,
main bhi ghar jaane laga,
tabhi woh bola,

“Marne se pehle mujhe udna hai,
pal do pal hi sahi,
hawaaon pe savaar hona hai,
us titli ki tarah,
jo mujhe aksar chiddha jaati thi,
hawa chalti,
aur woh kahin door nikal jaati thi.. “

Maine apni khwaish puri kar li,
ab uski karne ka waqt tha,

Hawa ke khilaaf halki si mutthi khol di,
aur uski pankhudiyon ko pankh mein tabdeel hote dekha,

Bujhte diye ko jaise asmaan ki mehfil hote dekha


It races to catch up with the blooming hopes,

when expectations have not tasted experience, but ordered a celebration,

It aches in late night silence,

when darkness becomes too much for the nightmares to consume,

It breaks in attempts to be traded,

when locked doors become too much for the invitations,

even then,

it never stops beating…….


Gum bahut hai,
duniyadaari ke,
marham nadaarad,
is bimaari ke,
phir bhi har subeh,
zakhmo ko lekar,
nikalte hai gharse,
kuch haasil karne ke kiye,
naa ho toh bhi,
ghar laut te waqt ek bujhti si
muskurahat .. Ko saath lekar aate hai,
hoga kuch naa kuch kal,
yeh mann mein dohraate hai
kya hum umeed ka dil tod de,
kya hum jeena chhod de.. isse toh achha hai,
dhalti shaam ko kyun naa chaandni raat ka mod de

Chew the glass…


heart breaks,

pieces get smaller,

walls become taller,

so tall …..

that they don’t allow me,

to return and fix.



With each healing mourn,

heart becomes stone,

beats clangour,


make me think,

if i could chew the pieces,

glue them with saliva,

saved from all the kisses,

to make a heart,

so elastic,

that it can’t break,

instead bounces back,

after being dropped of the cliff


Looking back

They say.

i keep looking back.


i don’t.

i left myself there

at a point in time

with those people

in those situations


i never felt

the need

the temptation

the pressure

to skew myself

to suit

to be accepted

to be cared for

i don’t look back

i am just bored of the drama,

So i look at the real me

laughing, talking, breathing

in my thoughts

which they say

are memories …