When lipsticked curtains opened,
he assembled 32 misplaced pieces of calcium,
a pair of whithered rose petals,
brushed in deep red,
for the last act of his life,
giving away borrowed smiles,
as if trying to…
tame the pain,
raging to flood,
every inch of his plastered face…

A showman he was,
like a jar of caged fireflies glittering a bulb,
extracting funny expressions from the wrinkled pulp,
taking crowd of emotions on a comic high,
and just near the peak,
he let the tears fall free from the sky. act ended, backstage mourned,
audience roared …

He used the tragedy of life once again,
to make the melancholies have their last laugh…

Storm within

when goal is blurry
alternating amid,
hissing the ears from behind
and going out of mind,

with heart is brewing a cocktail,
skipping beats,doing summersalts ,
mixing blood, whiskey and pale malts,

with curtains growing thick,
as if sewed up by all the handkerchiefs,
eyes ever used to wipe overnight tides,
light deflty kisses the window,
but tired of waiting, perishes into the evening,

when windows are closed,
hiding the fear in room,
from any outside winds,
clouds too gather in suspicion,
flurrying the panes with raindrops,
only to dash and slip down the glass sheilds…

You & Nostalgia

In the subtle hum of a song,
you emerge like same poetry in different words,
alluring abyss,
searing emotions,
recurring nostalgia,
each hum hissing my ears,
in your melifluous voice,
balming the chaos within,

In the late night coffee,
your moods emerge through the vapours,
intensely falvored,
bitter on tongue,
soothing to heart,
each sip warming me,
like your careese from past,
rendering a friendly vibe to otherwise empty house,

In the pages of an old book,
you appear like a pressed alba,
marbled imprints,
frozen in hour,
redeeming rewind,
each page making me leave, some more space on the bench,
as if you are sitting beside,
giggling at our library jokes in otherwise melancholic evening…