Some drift apart,

out of ego,

out of differences,

carrying grudge,

holding back apologies.

Some meet afterwards,

maybe after ages,

to cry, hug,

and make peace,

with the distance,

that could always be met.

But some stay together,

even after drifting apart,

and never meet.

Donno which distance is more painful.


He lit the cigarette….

to suffocate the silence with smoke,
just poke the darkness with a burn

to let the loneliness ruminate vapour
just renounce all the worries in ash of burning paper

to increase the count from sticks to packets
just to keep up with the modern facades

to extract a fake high out of real lows,
just party on the lower lip, hurt by the days blows


No tree cried in blood,

on shedding leaves or being cut,

no branch held onto the trunk,

before kissing the ground.

No leaves fluttered their wings,

as they died a slow death,


The land did feel a bit naked,

when light touched the grass,

staying beneath the shadow,

for the first time.

The birds did feel little lost,

as the branch wasn’t there,

to welcome their descend.

Song plays on mind

A song plays on mind,
leaving the tapes,
it runs behind.

Like a sugar cube being dipped,
to less the bitterness of coffee,
it sinks in my thoughts,
to take me away,
from all the pains and strangling knots.

A song plays on mind,
taking me away from conversations.

It’s notes have a strange way to rescind,
my consciousness,
my hold over the reality,
the reality ,
which i am forced to accept.

Abducting me,
to realms of places and people,
who were a reality,
i loved to embrace,
but are no more in the periphery of my touch or feel.